Sandbag Large Infantry Position

This defensive position is designed to protect an infantry squad from incoming fire, providing their heavy and assault weapons a safe place to fire from. This piece is used well when defending an objective or key area of the battlefield.

Dragon’s Teeth (x10)

Often constructed around heavily defended positions, dragons teeth tank traps deny access to tanks, making them find an entrance which is often well prepared for anti tank action. Very effective for area denial and also provide good cover for infantry.

Large Heavy Weapon Sandbag Position

This defensive wall is designed to protect 3 x 60mm bases, ideal for heavy platform weapons and artillery pieces.

This piece also makes a great addition to any stronghold as a last stand position, offering maximum protection and great covering fire.

Broken Columns (x5)

War can ravage cities and buildings, reducing them to rubble. Broken columns are a common sight amongst the debris of destruction. This terrain can be used as supplied or can make a great addition to your building projects.

Sandbag Sections (x3)

An important part of any defensive position. Single piece, easy to paint sandbags make a great addition to your battlefield terrain.

Sandbag Corners (x2)

This set works well on top of buildings or on street corners. A small position but when placed strategically on the battlefield will give the defensive edge. This position also makes it easier to cross open ground as it can be used as a position for troops to give covering fire for your advancing models.

Gothic Columns (x5)

Gothic Columns, an important part of any structure. Can be used as terrain as supplied or can be used to as a great addition to your building projects.