Hive City Terrain.

Producers of high quality wargames scenery and gaming boards, comission painting and a silicone/resin pressure casting service. We also have an on-line bits store including parts suitable for tau and 40k warhammer gaming.


To bring high quality resin terrain to the market at a low price.


Hive City Terrain was started in 2011 originally to sell resin casts of terrain pieces that I used to create a large board for a heavy urban environment. I created pieces to fit the theme I had in mind and also created pieces that filled a gap in the UK wargames terrain market.

After selling a few sets to friends and having positive feedback the next logical step was to start a small scale business.

As well as selling terrain I offer silicone mould making and resin pressure casting as a service to people wishing to mass produce their sculpts. I am currently working with several other wargame companies, notably Project Zeke miniatures and Miniatures of the North, to produce their excellent sculpts.