ATT Nottingham 2015

On the weekend of the 18th July 2015 members from the Advanced Tau Tactica forum met at Warhammer World in Nottingham. As member: DeathProof I travelled down to meet some of the forums most dedicated and inspiring Shas’O. The was plenty of sharing of ideas and discussion about the hobby and the game. The meeting […]

Hive City Terrain on Blood of Kittens!

Hive City Terrain is mentioned in this great article on Blood of Kittens, Many thanks to the dedication of Prodigalson! Thank and keep up the good work!

Safe House: Raising money for Children’s Hospital

Hive City Terrain and Project Zeke Miniatures are gearing up to the charity event “Safe House”- in one weeks time HCT, PZM and a bunch of other wayward survivors will be zombie wargaming for 24 hours STRAIGHT! All for our local children’s hospital in Edinburgh. If you can spare just £1 it would mean a […]

Conpulsion 2014

Check out the Hive City board set up at Conpulsion! So Hive City took its board, terrain and loads of wargames scenery to Conpulsion 2014. Check out the pictures! A great day, and some great games had by all in Edinburgh.  

Conpulsion  25-27th April 2014: Edinburgh

So Hive City Terrain will be at the Edinburgh Wargames and Roleplay convention of Conpulsion again this year! Last year was very exciting and saw HCT running a demo board for Necromunda. A band of stranglers fighting their way through hoards of zombies! This year will see an upgraded table with even more stunning terrain, […]

Screen Shaped Eyes interview Hive City Terrain

Screen-Shaped Eyes have been conventioneering at Conpulsion 2013! This is our second video interview with James Brown, member of Chaos of the Warp and producer of wargames scenery and gaming tables at Hive City Terrain. Many thanks to everyone who let me film at the event and of course special thanks goes to James Brown […]